This itinerary will take the participants on a journey that will visit the island’s landmarks related to letterpress, from those where it is still commonly used to museum-like ones where letterpress material is preserved and on display.

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Tipografia A Crença was founded in 1930 in Vila Franca do Campo by priests João Melo de Bulhões and Manuel Ernesto Ferreira, with the main goal of printing the weekly parish newspaper that goes by the same name. Since 1915 that the newspaper was printed in Ponta Delgada, in Tipografia Aníbal.    In 1989 José Vicente enters A Crença as an apprentice with masters António Rodrigues and Roberto Ferreira. José Vicente is the present printer at A Crença and took part in the transition from letterpress to offset, having still operated a Lynotype.

R. Gonçalo Velho Cabral, 38, V. F. do Campo

MONDAY TO FRIDAY  8h—12h  13h—17h

T: 296 582 196

Situated in the city of Lagoa, Esperança has two Heidelbergs Windmill, A3 and A4 formats, a minerva table top press so small that looks like a toy, and five cabinets with 25 drawers full of type. Delmiro Luz is the master printer, having begun as an apprentice more than 30 years ago. Al though nowadays he only prints in offset, letterpress printing machines are still used for die cut and crease.  In 1966, Altino Moniz Resendes acquires the print shop from its first owner, José Leandro. Established by that time near Porto dos Carneiros, in 1972 the print shop finally moves to where it is now. Until the year 2001, Esperança printed only in letterpress. This was also the year when Altino Resendes passed away and was replaced by João Pacheco, his son in law and present owner.

R. Estrada da Relvinha 13, Lagoa


T: 296 912 290

Probably the print shop with the largest asset in São Miguel island, established since 1957. The present owners, Dinis Botelho and Eduardo Furtado are in the house since 1996. Dinis Botelho, the master printer, started at 14 as an apprentice, in 1974 and, since then, has worked in several print shops in the island. Eduardo Furtado is in charge of the pre-print and the finishing. Micaelense still uses letterpress regularly: in 2014 they started to print the Agenda da Tipografia and since 2016 they print their own calendar. They also welcome artists in residency, amongst other jobs using traditional letterpress.    Featuring hundreds of type families, this print shop has 17 cabinets, one A4 Heidelberg Windmill, one A3 semi-automatic minerva platen press, one A5 table top minerva and a proof press.

R. do Castilho 33 B, Ponta Delgada


T: 296 284 262

Oficina Museu das Capelas was born in 1998 with the idea of uniting artisans from different are as in a single working and sales space. Nowadays, al though it didn’t fulfil its project of a collective workshop, Oficina Museu is a space that recreates workshops, shops, etc., from the 40’s. Having gathered material from many inactive letterpress workshops, it has a rich and diverse letterpress assets, such as machines, type families, prints, etc. 

Rua do Loural 56, Capelas

MONDAY TO FRIDAY 8h—12h  13h—17h

T: 296 298 202

EGA, although has never printed in letterpress because it is recent print shop, acquired and re stored part of the assets from Fábrica de Tabaco Micaelense’s letterpress workshop, which was used to print their own labels and packaging.  Thus, EGA has interesting letterpress material that can be appreciated both by clients and visitors.

R. Manuel Augusto Amaral 5,
Ponta Delgada

MONDAY TO FRIDAY 08h30—12h30 13h30—17h30

T: 296 283 063

Gráfica do Norte

In 1999 Gráfica do Norte opens at Rua do Rosário, in Ribeira Grande parish. At the time it started working only with movable type, equipped with 3 minervas platen presses and operated by the two master printers Edmundo Lopes e Luis Rates. The last of these had been an apprentice in Papelaria Neves print shop. Edmundo Lopes, the owner, was an apprentice at the institution «Lar para Jovens» with master Eugénio. He started by cleaning lines, aged only 9.  Gráfica do Norte was in Rosário for five years and in 2004 it moves to the street where it remains. It has five cabinets that add up to 86 type families. In 2005 Edmundo acquires a RISO HC 5500 digital printer and since then they mostly print digitally, although they still do some smaller works in letterpress.

R. East Providence 31 A, Ribeira Grande

MONDAY TO FRIDAY 08h30—17h30

T: 296 474 156

The Maia Tobacco Factory, considered one of the oldest on the island, worked in the Maia parish between 1871 and 1988.   The factory was organised into sections, including the growing areas, drying and pressing of tobacco leaves, the manufacturing area for cigarettes, cigarillos and snuff and the printing area for the various tobacco packages. Among the machines in the museum is a Heidelberg from Germany that came to the factory in 1950 and a collection of engravings of labels and tobacco packages.

Estrada de S. Pedro, Maia

MONDAY TO FRIDAY 9h30—12h  12h30—17h00

T: 296 442 905

This museum has an exhibition core dedicated to letterpress that gathers twenty seven objects: a motorised press and a manual one, a few cabinets with types, a guillotine, amongst other objects.  The Museu has incorporated this core in 2003, following the donations from Centro de Apoio ao Desenvolvimento Cientifico e Tecnológico (CITEC), and from Asilo Escola-Agrícola Bernardo Manuel Silveira Estrela, in Matriz da Ribeira Grande, presently a sheltering center known as O Casa.

R. de São Vicente, Ribeira Grande


T: 296 470 736