O Homem do Saco

Homem do Saco is an international collusion against the ugliness of the world in the form of a cultural association, letterpress workshop and artisanal (or not so much) editions.

Composed of Juan Yusta, Miguel Pereira, Luís Henriques, Luís França, Joana Pombo, Manuel Diogo, Mariana Pinto dos Santos, Ricardo Castro and Rui Miguel Ribeiro, it prints posters and editions that run a few dozen copies using movable type, silk-screen printing, engraving and other techniques (it also uses digital printing, Risograph or offset in larger print runs).

Saco includes several imprints: Landscapes d’Antanho, Pianola, Momo, Diário de um Ladrão, 100 cabeças, Troppo inchiostro, O Homem do Saco.

Ink might also run as a result of a special order, to print small runs of self-published books, editions or covers of other publishers, cards, menus or letterpress workshops.