António Guilhermino Pires

He completed a letterpress compositor course at a Salesian school, becoming soon thereafter himself a teacher at these schools that were a reference in letterpress teaching for the printing industry. His skillfulness took him to Italy, where he graduated in graphic arts. When he returned to Portugal, he first settled in Funchal, Madeira, where he coordinated the graphic training and managed the press of the Salesian School. He then joined the National Printing Office in 1970 after a selection process. He was head of the Department of Graphic Production for 25 years, witnessing a great transformation that ranged from letterpress to photocomposition and to digital production. He was in charge of the last type catalogs of the type foundry and redesigned three series of characters (“Europa,” “Bicentenário” and “Lusitanas”) that were produced in lead. When he left the National Printing Office, he devoted himself to another of his passions, education. He founded the Graphic Arts and Technology Course at the Tomar Polytechnic Institute (IPT), the first course that takes the technical teaching of these fields at the higher education level in Portugal. Among others, he assembled a model letterpress workshop at the IPT, bringing together an important assortment that was largely donated by the National Printing Office but also included donations from a number of well-known graphic companies. He has been professionally retired for several years but continues to be a very active voice in the world of graphic arts and beyond. He is the person who probably knows more about letterpress among us and continues to consider himself a typographer. He will share with us a bit of his profound knowledge.